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Good news! The folks over at yurbuds™ appreciated our post so much about the Focus line that they offered us some gift cards to giveaway to readers 🙂

That’s pretty awesome, considering we haven’t posted our full review yet. So far though, I’ve really enjoyed them and will be sure to give an honest opinion of them once they’ve been put through the ringer.

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Yurbuds Focus Preview

In all honesty, ear buds and headphones are pretty far down on the list of items I would consider using on the bike. Riding in the city is a little too sketchy to not be able to hear the surrounding traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians. That being said, Yurbuds were a product that intrigued me. I’ve never had a good experience with ear buds while doing anything fitness related. They either fall out, short out due to sweat exposure, or the sound quality is terrible. (I can be a little snobby when it comes to that, having lived a past life as a live sound engineer.)

Yurbuds claims that with their Ambient Noise Awareness (a feature promoted by the actual design of the product), users are able to get the best of both worlds…motivating music pumping while also being able to hear the outside world. They also claim that with their TWISTLOCK technology, ear buds will never fall out. Additional features they list include water and sweat resistance, exceptional sound quality, and a flex soft material that promotes in ear comfort.

Behind the ear Yurbuds Focus.
Behind the ear Yurbuds Focus.

The specific model I purchased was the Yurbuds Focus behind the ear. I had a gift card to Target and opted to use it on purchasing these. The Focus series are aimed to be women’s specific.They were created by a female designer to fit smaller ears. Yurbuds actually includes two different sizes of the silicone covers should you have larger ear holes.

Yearbuds makes a standard ear bud style of this model, but I liked having the added comfort of knowing they wouldn’t fall out of my ears no matter what activity I was going to do. This was assumed, I haven’t yet put them to the test, hence the preview.

So far I can say just wearing them around the house has been enjoyable. The material of the buds and the behind the ear pieces are a soft silicone and don’t cause any ear pain or annoyance. Another feature I like is their angled plug. It fits into smartphones with cases as well as other personal devices that have covers on them.

Angled headphone plug.
Angled headphone plug.

The material connecting the cable and the plug is also flexible silicone, reducing stress on the cable and less likely to shorten out if it gets yanked.

So far the Yurbuds Focus behind the ears series seems like a good choice for the fitness minded individual. There are many different models that Yurbuds carry that integrate a microphone, volume controls, and other music control devices. They also carry a line of smartphone holders and iPad cases for the athlete.

I’ll be testing these things out over the next month or so and will give a full review once I’ve used and abused them! They have the potential of making a really great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for the gym rat in your life.