The Great Bicycle Bash Nov. 9th Madison, WI


A few of our bike loving friends are putting on a seemingly kick ass bike party. The funds from this shindig will benefit Madison Bike Polo. Madison runs deep with polo talent, but the facilities around here are pretty awful.

Madison Bike Polo is looking to raise some funds to not only sustain the sport, but to build proper polo courts for practice and tournaments. Madison has played host to a number of fantastic polo events over the years and we’d love to see the sport grow.

Word is that there will be some sweet silent auction swag to win. The Facebook event says there will be beer at the party, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to BYOB.

Ride from Machinery Row leaves at 8:45pm. Party starts at 9pm.

Hop on your bike and head to the party. Some of Madison’s best DJ’s will be there, so bring your dance pants!

Parks-N-Wreck Yo’ Self THIS WEEKEND!


Sorry for the blurry image. We haven’t been able to find a good version of this poster. In the same vein as the Stupor Bowl, some folks are hosting the Parks-n-Wreck Yo’ Self alley cat this weekend. There are two divisions of the race. The first is for speed with 15 checkpoints, the other is for drink. You will have 10 bar checkpoints where you will need to consume a beverage before proceeding with the race.

Race organizers want people to be smart, use your head and wear a helmet (especially if you’re drinking!)

There are some sweet sponsors of the event where top riders will win prizes and there will be a raffle as well. Proceeds of the race will be donated to charity. Ride is capped at 100 riders and is open to fixed or freewheeling folks. $6 gets you signed up!

Registration is at Willy St. Park and after party at the Argus Bar. HAVE FUN!

Cyclo-cross Nationals Day 4

As stated in my previous post I had to miss out on Day 3 of the cross nationals action, but today made up for it. Most of my day was spent at the Saris shanty eating brats, drinking beer, and taking pictures.

It was a lot of fun! We encouraged friends and strangers alike to stop by and enjoy some traditional Wisconsin treats. People couldn’t believe we were offering up food and beer for free, but hey…we wanted to have some northern hospitality!

The weather started out 32 and windy. Course conditions were pretty sloppy and got really tough for riders to navigate as the day went on. The temperature continued to drop and the warm up zone (I did spend a good chunk of time there as well) was pretty much packed, up until they ended the last race.

The expo was super packed. I got a chance to see the Knog guy again as he moved his tent next to the shanty, course side. The guys from Gore were also partying it up with him and the Great Dane/Team Magnus folks.

At the Skratch Labs truck I finally got to meet Allen Lim. He’s a super nice guy and has worked with Cycle Ops for a long time on the development side and with training education. The whole Skratch crew is pretty great.

Glacier Glove have a rep at the races. I’m sure they were selling gloves like hot cakes! I myself had burned Keri’s gloves I borrowed from putting them too close to the fire pit outside the shanty (Oops. I’ll get you some new ones!)

I wandered over to the food tent where I grabbed a free brew from Sierra Nevada. I invited them over to the shanty, so hopefully they will get a chance to check it out. They were all really friendly. After that I grabbed some veggie chili at the Underground Food Collective booth. I needed SOMETHING with veggies in it to make up for the brats and beer I had been scarfing earlier. The chili was really good. It hit the spot for sure!

Overall it was a really fun day. Even when I got home it was tough shaking the chill from my bones. I guess that comes with bike racing in January, outside in Wisconsin.

Check out the photo gallery below to check out the races and the atmosphere!


Cross Nationals Jan 9th-13th!

Check out the poster below for all of the awesome ‘Cross related events coming up next week! The actual races start on Wednesday of next week. We’ll be there, camera’s in tow to check out the action. There will be of course some of the best of the best cyclocross racing, shanties, a full on expo center, coffee, great food, a sweet Saris/Cycle Ops sponsored warm up tent, music, and a hell of a lot of fun!

We strongly encourage everyone to come out and see what ‘Cross is all about. Even if you could care less about bicycle racing, it’s the atmosphere that makes the experience fun for both spectators and racers.


Sustain Dane Sideshow- Overview

Madison’s B Cycle Bike Share Bikes on Cycle Ops rollers.

This past Thursday was the Sustain Dane Sideshow. The event featured a plethora of Eco fun and friendly activities. One of the favorites was the Madison B Cycles on the Cycle Ops rollers. Riders competed against each other to see who could obtain the fastest MPH within 10 seconds.

I (Cassandra) was unfortunately challenged to a 20 second bout and lost by 7 MPH. I was pretty shamed by my lack of awesomeness, but my seat post was a little too high and I had had a horrendous bike ride to the event (thanks to a locked up rear brake). I’ll definitely look for a re-match in the future!

The overall event was a ton of fun and it’s great to see area businesses and non-profits working together to spread the message of how we can improve our habits and help keep our community healthy. There seems to be a trend (at least in Madison) where an org will do an event and only reach a small percentage of folks who follow their message. Events like the Sustain Dane Sideshow (aka the post party for the Bioneers conference) are refreshing in that it brings multiple groups together to share a cohesive vision.

Wall decoration in the children’s museum.

The event was held at the Madison’s Children Museum and was open to the 21+ crowd. It seemed that the event was an overall success with the live music, carnival themed food, silent auction, adult beverages, fashion show (outfits created out of recycled materials), and games. The crowd was eclectic and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was fun to be a part of the event and I hope it continues to grow in the future!

Beat Road Blues filling the museum with great live music.
Beat Road Blues filling the museum with great live music.


Plastic wrap wedding dress. One of the many amazing outfits of the night.
Plastic wrap wedding dress. One of the many amazing outfits of the night.

We apologize for the grainy photos, but hauling a load of sound gear (I was working with the band that night) and camera gear wasn’t in the cards.