Dane County has a New Bike Fed Director!


We want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our friend, Mr. Tom Klein for getting offered the position of Dane County Director at the Wisconsin Bike Federation! Really, there’s no one better we could think of to fill the position and we’re glad to have him in the cycling world.

I’ve known Tom for several years and he’s one of the most ambitious and motivated people in my friend circle. We’re all very proud of him for getting the job and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table for Dane County cyclists!

If you see Tom out, buy him a drink or have a chat with him. You’ll all be seeing a lot of his face at upcoming Fed and bike related events.

Fun fact about Tom, he used to be a music promoter before attending Edgewood’s Sustainability Program and was on his way to Harvard for a Graduate Sustainability Program until he heard he got the job with the Bike Fed. He decided that it was meant to be, so he and his wife are staying in Madison.