2013 National Women’s Bike Forum

Please enjoy this awesome playlist of videos courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists! Unfortunately we couldn’t make the trip to D.C. this year, but would love the chance to go next year. We shall see. In the meantime, please watch and learn!

Ladies Night @ Machinery Row!


We’re super excited about this event Machinery Row is putting on! It’s been said that women and minorities alike are looked over greatly in the cycling industsry. Numerous studies have shown that both groups will be the largest population of consumers in the next generation. Most women make the major financial decions in their households, so opening up this world to them will show we support them and appreciate their hard earned dough.

Our goal is to help facilitate more events like this and reach out to women who have been put off previously by their local bike shop experience.

Two thumbs up to Machinery Row for reaching out to the ladies and we can’t wait to enjoy this wonderful night!