Surly Long-sleeved Merino Jersey: First Impression

As you can tell we’re big fans of wool around here. So continue to love fest, we’re going to talk about the new Surly long sleeve merino jersey! Surly previously had both short and long sleeve jersey offerings a few years back, but decided to revamp their line up for 2012/2013. We can’t speak of the older jerseys, but it seems like they’ve made som nice updates.

The sleeves have nice thumb holes, the zipper is full length, the cut is nice and long, the material is soft, and the rear pocket is zippered with a pull on each side. They also moved the embroidery to the left sleeve cuff rather than on upper sleeve.

We’ll be the first to admit that they don’t come cheap. You’ll probably find them for about $150 retail, but it’s a nicely made piece to add to your collection and will last for years to come.

It’ll be fun, incorporating the jersey into the cycling wardrobe. For spring and fall it could be used as a light layer over either a wool or synthetic jersey. The best part is you can lounge around in it. Around the house or out at the bar. You won’t look like the bike nerd you are 😉 This adds even more value to the purchase.

Surly offers up the jerseys for both men and women. Sizes xs-xxl for men and xs-xl for women. I would size up if you want a looser mid/top layer, otherwise the fit is just right for what you would normally wear. The jersey we feature here is gray, but they also sell a black version. If we had the money, we’d definitely splurge for the black as well!

From top left: The inner stitching is a nice orange color. It adds a touch of fun and class to the garment. The jersey is very basic with limited branding. If you wanted to show your Surly love, you can always buy a sweet patch! Dual zipper pulls for the large rear pocket make it easy for lefties or righties to grab what they need. Thumb holes are a nice touch for if you happen to forget your gloves.

We should also note that Surly now sells a merino hoodie. It’s full zip and also very clean/basic. According to their website, it pretty much comes in man friendly sizes, but the average woman could probably fit into a small/medium. We’d say it’s more unisex than men’s specific.

The Surly long sleeve merino jersey makes a great addition to any rider’s collection. On the bike or out at the brew pub, you’ll look like a million of the most comfy dollars there are!