We’ve Started a Meetup Goup!

Madison Women’s Cycling is now our baby. Meetup has always been a fantastic resource forĀ  planning, hosting, and promoting events. Madison does already have a women’s outdoor group, but we wanted to have a group specifically tailored to lady cyclists.

Our group will be open to cyclists of ALL abilities. This is very important to us as we want to grow the population of cyclists and we can’t do that unless we are willing to take some newbies under our wing.

Currently the only Meetup we have planned is the Madison CycloFemme ride. We’re hoping to make it bigger and better than last year. We’re looking for businesses who are willing to act as sponsors or for ladies who want to host or contribute something to a Meetup.

It may be winter, but we can think of at least a thousand different things you can do as a cyclist in the off season!

We’re working on getting a side link posted up to take site visitors directly to the Meetup link. You’ll have to become a member to view all of the events. Some events will be free and others there will be a nominal fee for attending.

Spoke Haven is covering the administrative costs of the Meetup group, but we want others to take the initiative to suggest Meetups and want it to be a collaborative effort.