Rainy Day Wear to Help You Survive Your Commute

Wisconsin has been experiencing some of the most miserable icy, rainy, sleety weather of all time. Most of us would opt to ride in three feet of snow over rain any day, because at least you stay dry in the snow.

We’ve decided to pick out some of our favorite rainy day items in the market place to help YOU stay happy on your commute!

5. Rivendell’s MUSA SPLATS!


Rivendell has always been known for unique, but functional cycling wears. Their SPLATS are no exception. They are a waterproof shoe cover that are Made in the USA (MUSA), come in several sizes, and only cost $30! It’s hard to come by anything still made in the states for that cheap.

4. Brook’s Waterproof Saddle Cover


There’s really nothing worse than a wet ass…and we don’t mean a donkey. Brook’s saddle cover was developed to help protect their precious leathery saddles from rain, but they fit a pretty wide variety of saddles. Pick one up for roughly $10-15 at your local bike shop.

3. PDW Metal Fenders
308_full_metal_fenders_1.1We’re aware that we at Spoke Haven tend to gush about how we really love clip on fenders. Our exception is of course made for the PDW Metal fenders. they are absolutely beautiful and much like their other products, they work really damn well. The Metal fenders retail anywhere from $110-120 Purchase some HERE!

2. Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

61572_001Outdoor Research decided to utilize long standing rain shielding Gore-Tex technology in their ultra tough Crocodile gaiters. These are not only great for rain rides, but to keep your feet warm and protected while riding in snow, snowshoeing, and hiking. This season’s gaiters retail for $79, but older models can be found (in odd sizes of course) for a little bit less. You can purchase a pair HERE!

1. Cleverhood

The Cleverhood is probably the ultimate piece of rain gear a cyclist could own. It’s made out of waterproof, breathable material and most models come with reflective piping courtesy of 3M. They are also Made in the USA! Pick up one directly from Cleverhood for $249.