Lunafest 2013 Coming Soon!


The Madison chapter o Team Lunachix is a staple in the local cycling community. This all women’s team hosts a number of newbie friendly group rides, promotes various cycling races throughout the season, and often shows up to lady friendly cycling events to encourage women to get out and RIDE!

Lunafest has been one of the biggest events the Lunachix host for a number of years. As you can tell, it’s a benefit for the Breast Cancer Fund. When it comes to women’s cycling related events and breast cancer, the two tend to go hand in hand as it’s one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in women. Many cancer orgs not only provide funding for research, but they also help women in financial need to pay for treatment and other expenses they may have and can’t cover due to chemo side effects or illness (preventing them from working).

We encourage everyone who has the chance to attend Lunafest. The food and raffle prizes are always great and they show a number of lovely short films.