Cranksgiving Madison 2013

Madison Cranksgiving 2013

Cranksgiving events are a strong tradition within the cycling community.  Events are held around the US in most major cities. Generally Cranksgiving is run like an alleycat, but instead of paying an entry fee to have a shot at winning prizes (which technically you still do, but you win by having the most pounds of food) you go and collect food for a local food pantry.

We were excited to see Clayton over at Griessmeyer Law for promoting Cranksgiving here in Madison.

Check the deets from the Madison Bike Blog below and shoot Clay an e-mail if you have any questions!

Why: Helping others in the community makes Madison better for all.

Cost: No entry fee.  Just bring money (about $10-$15) to purchase groceries for people who need help as part of the ride.

Get a manifest/ shopping list morning of and ride your bike to various groceries and buy food for Grace Episcopal Men’s Shelter and Porchlight Madison.  Bring the receipts back as proof.  Route is up to you.

Recommended: Messenger bag, backpack or rack and bags, bike lock, warm clothes.

All traffic and trail laws and rules must be followed during this event.  All roads are open.

If you are not familiar with Cranksgiving, its a bike race/ride that has participants bicycling all over the city to different grocery stores, gathering hundreds of food items that are donated to a local food pantry.  The Madison Cranksgiving will benefit Grace Episcopal Men’s Shelter and Porchlight.

Further details to follow in the next week.  To register, please email me at:

Seven Deadly Sins Alleycat


Alley cats are making a comeback here in Madison. There’s been a small group of dedicated cyclists throwing some pretty fun races. Seven Deadly Sins is possibly the last one of the summer, so come out for the race and have a good time!

The sponsors are all awesome and the $7 you pay goes to a good cause 🙂

Parks-N-Wreck Yo’ Self THIS WEEKEND!


Sorry for the blurry image. We haven’t been able to find a good version of this poster. In the same vein as the Stupor Bowl, some folks are hosting the Parks-n-Wreck Yo’ Self alley cat this weekend. There are two divisions of the race. The first is for speed with 15 checkpoints, the other is for drink. You will have 10 bar checkpoints where you will need to consume a beverage before proceeding with the race.

Race organizers want people to be smart, use your head and wear a helmet (especially if you’re drinking!)

There are some sweet sponsors of the event where top riders will win prizes and there will be a raffle as well. Proceeds of the race will be donated to charity. Ride is capped at 100 riders and is open to fixed or freewheeling folks. $6 gets you signed up!

Registration is at Willy St. Park and after party at the Argus Bar. HAVE FUN!