CycloFemme Madison 2017


image-6ace2acd09a09d9311152fb98727c511-defaultJoin Liv Cycling, Spoke Haven, Fitchburg Cycles and other area cycling groups for a special ride on Mother’s Day Weekend.

We’re offering up two route options this year. A long and a short. The long will include a ride around Lake Monona, then off to the Cap City Trail for roughly 30 beautiful miles of Madison scenery.

The short route will be around Lake Monona. Both rides will start and end at Olin Park.

The short ride will be casually paced and great for beginners and families.(10-12 mph)

The long ride option will be a little faster paced and great for more intermediate to advanced riders. (15-17 mph)

We’ll have some pre-ride nutrition and hydration available. For the long ride, we’ll have an opportunity have a restroom/water stop if it is needed at Fitchburg Cycles.

Long route riders should be ready to leave Olin Park at 10am.
Short route riders should be ready to leave Olin Park at 11am.

We’ll do a post ride stretching/yoga session after the ride, so please bring a mat, towel, or blanket if you’d like to participate.

RSVP online:

Madison & Milwaukee Area Women Cyclists Join Forces for CycloFemme 2016

I am proud to announce that Spoke Haven has joined forces with Ladies’ Revolution of Milwaukee and the Bell Joy Ride- Madison to offer up a unique, women-trans-femme friendly riding experience for CycloFemme 2016.Participants will have the opportunity to try an overnight bike camping ride with the support of experienced ride leaders from the local cycling community.

Bike camping, sub 24 hour (S24O) outings, and bicycle touring have become more prominent in the past few years with the development and marketing of adventure geared bikes. There’s an increasing demand by women and men alike to find ways to use their bicycles as a vehicle to explore natural areas and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Madison and Milwaukee CycloFemme rides will take place on the packed gravel, Glacial Drumlin state trail. Milwaukee riders will have long distance, 65 mile (one way) route option or can opt to start at another location along the route for a shorter ride option. Madison area riders will have a roughly 30 mile ride option leaving from Revolution Cycles Madison or a shorter 17 mile route option starting from the Glacial Drumlin Trail head in Cottage Grove, WI. Madison area riders will also have the option to forego camping for an out and back ride to and from the trail head.

Ladies’ Revolution, Spoke Haven, and Bell Joy Ride- Madison riders will arrive at a group camp site at Sandhill Station in Lake Mills, WI. The ride itself is FREE to participants, but there is a $5 daily or $25 annual trail use fee for Glacial Drumlin. There is also a $10 fee for anyone opting to camp to help cover expenses of the site.

More information on the Madison area CycloFemme ride can be found here:

More information on the Milwaukee area CycloFemme ride can be found here:

Madison Cyclofemme 2014

cyclofemmeWe’re hosting the 2nd annual CycloFemme Madison ride. The ride will start and end on Madison’s near east side from Chrysalis Hair & Body.Chrysalis is Madison’s only chemical free hair studio.

There will be water and possibly some coffee/sports drink available before the ride, but riders should make sure they’ve eaten before the event or bring along a snack that’s easy to eat on the bike.

We’ll be doing an extended Lake Monona Loop that takes us on a combination of bike paths and roads through some of Madison’s best lake front neighborhoods and parks.

This ride is very beginner friendly and we encourage everyone to bring a friend! We have a no rider left behind policy.

There will be a post ride gathering at Chrysalis where we’ll provide bike parking. There will be refreshments available to purchase supplied by the Froth House cafe. (pastries, veggies & hummus, and more)

Julia, the owner of Chrysalis will also be offering discounted salon services for all attendees. There will also be free use of the aqua massage table and some other pampering for after the ride, such as head massages with fresh herbs.

Qet Botanical Beauty’s full line of organic products will be on hand to demo.

A a raffle with items from Rapha, Yurbuds, Saris, Topeak, and some other fun businesses will also take place.

The ride itself is FREE, but you may want to bring some money for lunch if you stay for the festivities.

Parking is available on First Street, just up block from the building Chrysalis is based in (there’s a sign posted where the lot is located). There’s also extensive on street parking that will be FREE because the event is on a Sunday.

We’ll post more details as the event gets closer, but it should be a really fun time!

Rain or shine, we ride. No rider left behind. Bring a helmet, water bottle, and a lock!

Yurbuds Giftcard Giveaway!

We probably don’t need to remind you, but we will! Yurbuds was kind enough to send us some gift cards good for purchasing their products online. If you’d like to enter to win one of these cards, please head to our Facebook page and in the app tab click on the photo of the Yurbuds for our LIKE & WIN contest!

They also hooked us up with some cool items for us to use for our Madison CycloFemme event coming up in May. Stay tuned for more details, we’ve been collecting some really fantastic prizes 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation. This past year has been amazing. We’ve thrown the first ever CycloFemme event in Madison, we’ve met a number of awesome people in this wonderful city, and we’ve been a part of some great events such as Choose to Commute and the Wisconsin Bike Summit.

It’s not often that people get to actually go after something they’ve dreamed of doing. Many people think it’s too risky or unlikely that things will turn out well. If anything, this past year has shown that doing something you love or dream of is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I want to thank all of our friends, new and old who have listened to us talk about our future business plans or the website. I want to thank all the awesome bike industry folks who have helped us while taking our small business course through UW-Madison and helping us write our business plan.

Thanks to all the folks who work so hard and advocate for cycling. Cycling has change my life, more so than almost anything else has. I’ve made a career out of it and feel like it’s such a positive thing for people to participate in. Cyclists tend to be really great people and a tight knit community.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out the blog or has attended any of the events we’ve promoted. We’ll be calling on you in the not too distant future to help make our dreams a reality.

Myself and Keri would both really like to create a shop and community space where cyclists new and old can feel comfortable. We want to be a resource for people and harbor a really welcoming space for people to learn about alternative transport and cycling in general. Not going to lie, we want to be very women friendly, but that doesn’t mean we’ll exclude men…just making sure we give a little extra love to our own kind 😉

We want to be active in advocacy and help be the voice for folks who are looking to create safer streets and better ways for people to get to point a to point b. Cycling is fun and somewhere along the line we think shops and the industry has sort of forgotten that. Let’s focus more about making cycling fun again and open to everyone, not just those who count grams on their components.

There’s no shortage of awesome companies, creating great products. Even more so, companies based right here in our own backyard. We want to show them love the most!

2014 is going to be a big year for us. We hope everyone wants to come along for the ride and thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and believing in us every step of the way.

We’re continuing to work out the details of our business plan and getting it ready to present to a few choice individuals as well as some small business associations and banks. We’re starting to look at some retail space around town to get an idea of how much space we can work with and what location would best suite our needs.

Events will be coming around the corner soon. We will be hosting CycloFemme again this year and want to do something really special for it. Some pop up shops may be happening with some awesome sister businesses and we hope to have a presence at the Ride the Drive events this year as well. Heck, you may see us out on the bike path with coffee and treats…we’ll do anything to chat people up about the business!

Thank you all again for your love and support.