Twin Six Raising the Bar

There are cycling companies who really get women and there are some who clearly don’t. Gladly our neighbors to the north, Twin Six, have a pretty good idea of what women want.

We’ll be the first to admit, we have an addiction to Twin Six and they’re only making it worse. This morning they sent out an e-mail announcing they have released their 2013 Standard series of jerseys. The Standard series is made out of a what they call Prime fabric that improves moisture wicking and offers a +28 UPF protection (aka sunscreen for your clothes). The jerseys are full zip (so much easier to use with bibs on!) and have nice¬† silicone waist grippers. Best part, the jerseys are made in the USA! (All of their clothing is, but just a bonus to have high quality good being churned out here.)

Twin Six is offering up 3 versions of the jersey for men including plain black, white, and grey. For women they have two offerings, black and white. The size ranges for the Standard is regular for the men’s, xs-xxl. For the women’s they stuck with s-l, which is kind of a let down as women tend to come in more shapes and sizes than men. I for example am more top heavy and need an XL women’s jersey or a men’s Large jersey to accommodate that.¬† Some women are smaller on top and have wide hips with a more pear shape. Personally I’ve always worn smaller bibs than I have a jersey. Hopefully if the Standard does well sales wise, they’ll consider doing a wider run of sizing. I may order one up in a large regardless, as full zip jerseys have become a welcome addition to my cycling wardrobe.

The Standard retails for $110 vs. the regular $80 cost for the rest of Twin Six’s line of jerseys. Considering the added features including a full length zipper, the UPF rating, and the high quality of the fabric…it’s worth the extra cash. A lot of folks tend to get sticker shock when they first start getting into cycling, but if you treat your gear right a jersey will last you YEARS. I tend to remind myself of how many rides that jersey will go on with me and divide it up that way. It ends up usually coming to less than a buck a ride (within a year of riding) in the break down.

We should note that Twin Six has mentioned they have some other pieces they plan to include in the Standard series. Here’s what they had to say in their most recent press release:

“For the past year we’ve been designing, prototyping and testing a new line of products called the Standard Collection. Crafting this line from the ground up and putting a practical stake in the higher-end cycling apparel market will open to the door to designing and developing additional pieces under the Standard umbrella. This past fall we debuted the Standard Thermal Hoodies and Shell. The addition of five summer-weight jerseys (three for men, two for women) to this collection is only the next step. Bib shorts for men, team shorts for women, caps, socks, long sleeve jerseys, bottles, and much much more are also in the works for 2013.”

Exciting stuff coming from a brand we love! Check out Twin Six at their website



We’ve recently become a supporter of Cats Tongue towels! They are the ultimate degreasing wipes to help keep your bike not only looking shiny and clean, but also running like a champ. Their name is based off the texture of the wipe, which gives them their scrubbing power! For every purchase made, Cat’s Tongue donates a portion of their proceeds to help support the funding of cancer research and to provide better patient care via the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

We really love companies who give back to their communities or support great causes, so please check them out. Tom and Deanna are some hardworking folks, who come out to support all the big cross races and cycling events that take place around the country. If you ever see them handing out samples at an event, stop and say hi!

There’s some new stuff coming down the pipelines, we’re working on some hat designs with Cognition Caps here in Madison. Hopefully we’ll have those available soon, as we love, love, love what Kelly & Lyle do! The design for the online store is also being worked on. The official launch date is TBA, but stay tuned as we’ll have some really great items available.


Over this past weekend we spent some time in Chicago. It was pretty apparent that commuter-ship and cycling has increased since the last few times we’ve visited. It’s nice to see neighborhoods like Andersonville, Lakeview, and Wrigleyville embracing cyclists with a plethora of bike routes/lanes. The level of pedestrian/cycling traffic in those areas has allowed for some really great small businesses to flourish. We’re currently planning a bike related trip for the early summer for some riding on the Lake Shore Path and a picnic on the lake with friends. A big to do for any cyclist traveling to the wind city!

One of the most fun finds on our getaway was the famous Puppet Bike in Andersonville. Always a great source of entertainment when strolling the streets of little Sweden!