Gear Pick of the Month

Photo credit: Laird Superfood Website

November’s gear pick is the Laird Superfood manual handheld blender! This little gadget had been on my radar while searching for ways to reduce energy consumption as well as something I could take with me car camping, traveling, bike packing, etc.

I had put it on my holiday gift list last year and my awesome sister picked one up for me and I was super stoked about it. The older I get, the more I view gift giving through a practical lens. I try to buy or request gifts (if someone wants to get me something, although not required) that are going to be helpful in life and have less of an impact on the environment.

(I have a post in the works for the holiday season for a nice gift guide on some things you can give as gifts that will mean more and also have less of an environmental impact.)

The Laird hand blender is a nice tool as it serves multiple uses. I primarily use it for when I make coffee at home, particularly in the fall and winter months as I like to drink cold brew throughout the summer. It can also be used for whipping up eggs or other liquids. It also works well in place of a blender bottle for mixing in protein or other supplements.

I use it to blend and froth my coffee as I generally don’t drink coffee black unless it’s cold brew (how many times can I mention cold brew? Oh wait…nitro cold brew, THE best). I’ll post a link to one of my favorite AeroPress brewing methods below, along with my recipe for a small, but powerful cuppa.

The company has a nice little demo video of how the blender works.

It’s simple, it’s basic, it’s inexpensive. Honestly what’s not to like about it? So far…nothing. I’m going on almost a year of using it and am happy to to have it as a part of my kitchen!

I should mention that Laird Superfood has two versions of this particular blender now. The standard 14″ one like I have and the smaller 12″ version that is a little less expensive. They also sell some other great accessories on their website if you’d like to check it out.

If you weren’t aware, Laird Hamilton the famous professional surfer/fitness guru, is the founder of the company. They sell coffee creamers, supplements, kombucha, and all sorts of nutritional items for a plethora of diets. In all honesty I believe the podcast I follow, Girls Gone WOD, had turned me onto them as a company.

For one of my favorite AeroPress brewing methods check out Counter Culture Coffee.
Here is there preferred method of brewing:

1. Weigh 200g of water and bring it to a boil, about 200-205 F (I recommend using a kitchen scale for this.)
2. Weigh 18g of coffee (this will make a small strong cup.)
3. Grind coffee to medium fine, about the size of table salt.
4. Using the inverted method for AeroPress, place the grounds in the AeroPress and make sure to gently tap the press to get the grounds even.
5. Start a timer and slowly pour 100g of the boiling water over the grounds to make sure they are thoroughly wet. Be sure to stir the grounds a few times to ensure all of the grounds are wet.
6. Add the remaining water to the AeroPress and taking care to fill up the press to the top.
7. At 1 minute 45 seconds stir the grounds a few more times. They should be a little foamy at this point as they are releasing gas. Place the filter and cap on at this point as well. If using a paper filter, I recommend wetting it with a little warm water as it will stick to the cap better and it will be warm when the coffee is passing through it.
8. At minute 2, flip and press the coffee into your container of choice. I find a small camp style mug works best. It’s just the right size and doesn’t allow for any spillage of coffee if you press a little to hard. Cinsa make great enamel mugs and they’ve been around for years.

I also put my own spin on it with adding 4oz. of plain soy milk, no sugar or flavor added. WestSoy is my personal favorite. A 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup for just a touch of sweetness and flavor and cinnamon to taste.

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I’m working on getting some YouTube videos scripted, filmed, and ready to go. It’s been a little slower going on those because I had a class start this week. But, I will be updating as my schedule allows.

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