Yes, we’ve decided to host a CycloFemme ride! For more info on what CycloFemme is, please click HERE.

Here’s a little Q & A for you about the ride:

Q: Does the ride cost money?
A: NO, it’s absolutely FREE as long as you have a state trail pass. We’ll be riding on sections of a state trail so if you haven’t already purchased an annual pass (any bike shop or outdoor retailer has these for purchase), please bring $4 cash.

Q: Where does the ride start?
A: The ride leaves from the Froth House (they are a cafe, not a bar…although they do serve some beer/wine).

Q: Where is this so called Froth House?
A: 11 N. Allen St. Madison, WI

Q:If I need to drive to the ride start, where should I park?
A:There is neighborhood on street parking all around the Froth House. It is near West High School, so anywhere in that general area is fine and the on street parking is FREE as well.

Q:What is the ride route?
A:We’re planning for an 18 mile loop that starts on the Southwest Commuter Path and eventually meets up with the Capital City Trail. The Cap City Trail is the path that needs payment for use. If you decide not to pay for using the trail, please just know you are responsible for any repercussions, should the DNR be patrolling the path this particular day. (We don’t hit a pay box until about mid way through the ride FYI. We’ll be sure to stop at that location).

Follow this link to view the route: if you use a smartphone, you can access the route via the Endomondo app.

Q:What’s the ride pace going to be?
A:We’re going to implement a no rider is left behind policy. Ride at your own pace and have FUN! This is going to be a casual, social ride. We want to make the ride something everyone can enjoy.

Q:Will there be any support on the ride?
A:The short answer is no, all riders should come prepared if they get a flat tire. We also suggest bringing a water bottle and if needed, a snack or bar of some kind. There will be ladies participating in the ride that know how to fix a flat tire, etc. so even if you don’t know how, we’ll have you covered. Your ride leaders, Cassandra & Keri, will be the go to for this and we’ll be sure to have a pump and a few items at the Froth House before the ride leaves if you need to air up, etc.

If you don’t think you can complete the entire route, you’ll need to have an exit strategy planned. Please review the route link and communicate a stopping point with your friend or loved one to come and get you. The route is very beginner friendly, but not everyone is used to riding that particular distance.

Q:What should I wear?
A:We’ll be riding in normal bike gear included shorts with a chamois (padding) and a cycling jersey. Fitness clothes are encouraged. A breathable top with comfy, form fitting shorts or knickers are recommended. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and do a post the day before the ride on what to bring. Generally carrying a light jacket is a good idea.

Q:What if it rains?
A:We plan on riding even if it rains. We’ll of course use our best judgement. If it’s a light rain, that’s nothing too unbearable. If it’s pouring or dangerously storming out, we’ll postpone the ride to a later date. (If it snows, that will just be sad. Let’s hope mother nature works with us!)

Q:Will there be any stops?A: YES! We’ll be making one pit stop on the ride. We’ll stop at Lake Farm Park where there is a water fountain and restrooms. They should be open by May 12th. If we find out they aren’t going to be open, we’ll look into finding a place off route that we could use as an alternative.

Q:Where does the ride end?
A: Back at the wonderful Froth House!

Q:Is there anything happening after the ride?
A: Why yes and thank you for asking! The Froth House has delicious food and drinks. We’ll be sticking around to have a little social hour. We’re also going to be raffling off some items to participants. We have some items from Saris, CycleOps, Castelli, Po Campo, Park Tool, Slime, and a few other awesome companies!

There may also be some live music as well. We’re still ironing out those details, so stay tuned. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, we’ll have the social hour in the back of the Froth House aka the Garden. We’ll be providing secure bike parking as well since there’s slim pickings in the area!

Q: Are children welcome on the ride?
A: If your kids are up for riding the 18 mile distance, sure! If your kids can sit in the trailer for a couple hours, sure! Ideally we’d like it to be mother-daughter, but we don’t mind if a few boys are in the mix.

If there are any additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us:
Please spread the word as we want to get as many women riding that day as possible!