Education is the key to increasing ridership and allowing our community to view cycling as a viable form of transport. As a new rider it can be intimidating to venture out more than a short jaunt around the block because the bicycle is often perceived as a highly complicated machine. We’d like to lay that myth to rest and empower everyone by teaching them the bicycle is completely accessible and fairly easy to maintain. It’s much easier and less expensive to maintain a bicycle than a car or truck.

Two tanks of gas (of a small or mid size car) would cover your yearly cost of tuning up your bike. If you learn some simple repairs and guidelines on upkeep you can save yourself even more money!

We’re featuring some of our favorite educational videos, websites, and other resources to help YOU, the rider become more familiar with all aspects of your bicycle. Topics include bicycle repairs, rules of the road, proper bike sizing, and much more!

Please enjoy the content. Much of it is provided by shops, manufacturers, and advocacy groups. These resources are bookmarked in our personal web browsers and we think they are worthy of putting up on our site permanently.

*We want to note that while there are a lot of tutorials on how to repair your bike or install certain parts on your bike, that you should always consult a mechanic or take a basic mechanic course prior to working on your own bike. Often times manufacturers have specific protocols for setting up their components (example: a certain amount of torque needs to be used so as not to damage the component or for safety measures). Most good mechanics will do a safety check for a small fee or even free of charge if you like the peace of mind after working on your own bike.