Po Campo’s Midway Weekender: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every so often I receive a holiday gift that I absolutely love and can’t stop talking about. As of December of 2015 that gift has been the Po Campo Midway Weekender (MWW) bag.

It’s a bag I have lusted over since its existence and I was beyond thrilled when I had opened my holiday gifts and discover it was now in my possession.

The classic styling, vegan leather trim, and plethora of storage space makes it a great option for anyone in need of a versatile zippered tote.

The Midway Weekender cozying up to the fire along with a bunch of snowboard gear. 

Some of my favorite features of the Midway Weekender Include:
-Waterproof outer material
-Bright colored liner
-Lots of interior pockets
-Internal and exterior storage pockets
-Vegan leather (animal friendly!)
-Yoga mat straps
-Zippered underside shoe storage
-Reflective hits on bag and shoulder strap
-Zippered roller handle pocked for air travel

My MWW was first utilized as a snow gear bag. I used it to carry snowboard pants, extra layers, socks, gloves, balaclavas, goggles, snacks, and other essentials. It is a great gear hauler. I was able to fit more than enough gear for a day trip to the ski hill.

It then morphed into my daily bag. I toss in an extra shirt, lunch bag, make up, magazines, and use the handy zippered under compartment to bring a spare set of shoes.

The zippered compartment also comes in handy as a dirty compartment for clothes worn after a workout or dirties during a trip.

I’ve put a number of different shoes in this compartment. Cycling shoes, hiking boots, fashionable boots, tennis shoes, and several pairs of Toms. You can easily fit two pairs of shoes if you know how to utilize the space. Shown: Keen Springwater Cycling Shoes Size 7.5

The bag especially shines as a carryon for air travel. I was able to fit books, a change of clothes, extra shoes, snacks, an iPad, chargers, earbuds, and other essentials on my trip to United Bicycle Institute. The bag fits right under an airplane seat and makes it easy to grab anything out that is needed during flight.

One feature of the bag I have yet to use, but can fully appreciate is the yoga mat straps. You simply roll up your mat and slide it through the two black, elastic straps. Fitting yoga clothes, a block, a strap, toiletries, and a yoga towel would be no issue for the Midway Weekender. Po Campo even markets it as a gym bag for fitness buffs.

Maybe they should have named this bag the Namaste. Dad joke aside, any yogi could appreciate this bag. 

The only use that this bag isn’t practical for is on the bike. Po Campo is a brand synonymous with cycling, but this bag would not be a great choice for someone needing a bag for commuting. The shoulder strap, while adjustable, is going to make the bag hang too low off the back and can get caught on a saddle. Even worse is that when the bag is filled to the brim, it swings to the front and can cause some steering issues mid ride.

I know the bag is not intended for cycling use, but I decided to test it out while I was attending UBI. With two heavy duty binders, food, and other daily essentials it was a little too much bag for riding with. The reflective hits however were appreciated as the sun started setting shortly after class had ended.

Reflective hits are something I wish more companies would use on casual goods. I felt safe knowing cars could see me as I was crossing the street or if I was walking down a dark driveway. 

I ended up making the bag work as it was the only one I brought for schlepping my study materials to and from class. I got a little creative with how I wore the bag and it worked swimmingly.

Obviously the bag is an overall winner in my eyes and for $94 retail it’s a great buy with some great features. If I hadn’t received the bag as a gift I would 100% buy it for myself, a friend, or anyone in need of a cute and functional bag for the daily grind or for jet setting.

For more info on the Midway Weekender and other lovely products from Po Campo please visit their website!

What’s In Your Seat Bag Pt. 2


It’s about time we rolled out another What’s In Your Seat Bag?

Most of these items wouldn’t fit in a standard under saddle bag, but they would be stellar additions to a pannier, rack top bag, or a saddle trunk. These items come with us on any ride outside of comfortable walking distance or if we’re going to be out in the boonies.

Starting from the upper left hand side and going across we start with the Go Girl. For ladies, this little gadget will improve your life exponentially! The Go Girl allows you to stand up and use the bathroom. No squatting necessary and not oops moments that require clean up. We especially love the Go Girl while wearing bibs. Not many bib short makers allow for you to drop trou easily. The Go Girl is made out of a soft silicone material and comes in a handy carrying case. Usually all you need is a little squirt of water to rinse it off before rolling it up and you’re good to go!
Bonus: Take this gadget camping, to festivals, travel trips, and anywhere where the bathroom situation may be sketchy.

Next is the Bontrager windshell vest. We LOVE our hi-vis vests as they add a light-weight, breathable layer that lets us stick out safely in traffic. This particular vest packs down very small and can be placed in a jersey pocket easily. Our vests have been worn in all temperature ranges and have never let us down. The vest isn’t water proof, but is very water resistant and dries quickly. They also come in handy for fall riding through the woods or on rail trails. Staying bright is important if you live in a state where hunting is a popular sport!

Hoo Ha! The name is silly, but we wouldn’t recommend anything else. Our big bottles of Hoo Ha come with us on all our long group rides. Men and women enjoy this chamois cream as it uses all natural ingredients, has a really nice aroma, and has a nice cooling sensation. Reflect Sports, the makers of Hoo Ha are a woman owned company and they make all their products in the USA! Check them out at our link to the right on our page. They sell large bottles of the chamois cream or handy mini packs for tossing into a seat pack or jersey pocket.

While out on the open road or trail, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you have a good pump. Getting a flat on a ride is never fun, but Lezyne’s Micro Floor Drive is the next best thing to having your full size pump with you. The Micro Floor Drive allows you to inflate both presta and shrader valves, boasts a pressure guage, and is fully rebuild-able. Your forearms will thank you the next time you get a flat with this pump!

T9 Boeshield has found many uses in our house, but it’s also a fantastic chain lube. You know that person on your ride who always seems to have the squeaky bike? Do them a favor and bring a little of this or some Phil’s Lube with you next time. T9 has been used this in a pinch on creaky pedals, bottom brackets, and other moving parts.

First Aid Kits. They come in so handy and they are so worth their weight! We’ve used everything from the shown Johnson & Johnson basic kit to Adventure Medical’s more comprehensive kits. Even the D.I.Y bandages with wet wipes have helped clean some scrapes. Crashes happen a lot more than we’d like to admit. A first aid kit really helped us out last weekend when Cassandra wrecked her arm and needed to clean out the dirt & debris. Bandages and alcohol pads are great, but throw in some travel size ibuprofen, antihistamine, and anti-diarrhea meds to cover all your bases.

All of these items are fantastic to have in your arsenal whether you’re a casual rider, roadie, or hardcore commuter. We’ll continue this post series where we integrate some lifestyle products and even some bike camping S240 (sub 24 hour trip) gear. It’s easy to escape city life with just a few essential items!

San Francisco Bike Love

It’s always difficult coming back from vacation and settling into the “real world”. San Francisco is one of those cities that should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. The city is an eclectic mix of neighborhoods surrounded by the stunning views of the Bay, as well as the surrounding mountains. Needless to say, we were really excited to visit.

San Francisco also hosts a HUGE bike scene.  Some people don’t equate the city with cycling (have you seen their hills?!), but San Franciscans don’t brag about it as much as say Portlanders. Companies such as Marin, SOMA, Merry Sales, Rivendell, and Public all call NorCal/San Francisco home. There’s also a really amazing selection of shops to choose from. We didn’t get to hit up all the shops we wanted, but there’s always next time!

While we didn’t do any riding while in the city, we did see a large population of city dwellers using bikes to navigate the busy streets. We unfortunately missed the opening of the San Francisco bike share by about a week. Kind of a shame, but we walked pretty much everywhere we went. It should be noted that there are many companies who rent bikes to tourists for a relatively decent price. Most people seem to opt for half day rentals and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Part of our vacation took us to Mount Tamalpais via the Panoramic Highway. It was unbelievable how many cyclists we saw huffing and puffing their way up gorgeous Tam. It’s understandable why many US based cycling teams train in Northern California, those grades are intense. We met a woman cycling up Mt. Tam all the way to the East Peak. It’s a gnarly climb and was scary enough navigating it via car let alone bicycle! We commended her on her efforts and she was nice enough to point out some cool little towns and beaches to check out. She was a transplant from Michigan originally and insisted we return, but next time with our road bikes. WILL DO!

Once we returned to the city from our night spent on Mt. Tam, we made it our mission to visit a couple of key shops. The first was Public Bikes. Public is tucked away in an unassuming alleyway that opens up to a small city park and streets lined with hole in the wall cafes. Outside the shop they had many closeout models on display on the street and then a covered bike shelter with new models on display. My favorite was the outdoor coffee bar staffed with a knowledgeable barista with a beautiful pour. I think San Francisco has had the best coffee of any city we’ve visited (yeah, that means they beat Portland AND Seattle).

Inside public was an open, clean, and spacious display of bikes, accessories, and artwork. Even their bathroom had a cute display and a leather toe clip strap as the door pull. The staff was very friendly and we decided to buy a couple of t-shirts. They were having a sale to try to clear out the stock, so we were more than happy to bring home a little piece of the city.

We’ve been considering partnering with Public for our brick & mortar store. Their bikes are so simple and beautiful. The price tag is also pretty fair for what you get. There’s nothing like seeing a display of beautifully colored rentals decked out with racks, fenders, and baskets!

The next destination we had on our radar was Huckleberry Bicycles. Huckleberry is one of the newest shops in San Francisco, but it didn’t fail to please. The location of the shop is a little on the sketchy side. Not a neighborhood I’d want to hangout in late at night, but was manageable during the day. The city actually gave them a grant for opening in that specific location as they are trying to revitalize the area.

As soon as we walked through the doors of Huckleberry, we felt at home. Rows of beautiful commuter bikes, brightly colored Brompton Folders, and road bikes lined the left side of the store. On the right hand side was a great selection of men’s and women’s commuter clothing as well as a plethora of awesome accessories. The service area was at the back of the store (smart move, much like the milk at the back of the grocery store concept) and hosted a waiting area complete with a gaming system.

The staff at Huckleberry were all very friendly and helpful. Keri and I tried on some clothing items we’ve been interested in, but couldn’t find locally. Sadly the pants I wanted fit oddly, but it was still fun trying things on. We both decided we needed a memento from Huckleberry and bought a couple of t-shirts. We always try to buy a little something from shops we visit around the country. Not only is it a way to remember the trip, but it shows that even though we aren’t there to buy something as large as a bike, that we still support their efforts.

Both shops were great models of what we could do in Madison. It’s definitely time for a bike shop that boasts something a little different 😉

Overall our trip was a lot of fun. We weren’t really used to the time change, so we were a little groggy the entire time. Also, it was oddly really hot in the city and smelled kind of like pee everywhere, but minus that…it was fantastic.

Check out the photo collection below of our travels! Photos are property of Cassandra, so please don’t use without permission.

Channel 3000 Promotes Choose to Commute/Bike Safety

channel300choosetocommutevidcapClick Photo to Watch Choose to Commute Coverage!

Channel 300 Promotes the Choose to Commute Series presented by the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Sustain Dane, and Planet Bike.

Come down to the workshop tomorrow at 7pm and grab a FREE light set thanks to Planet Bike!*

449 State Street (upper level) Madison, WI 53703.

Topics covered include:

-How to choose a commuting bike
-What safety gear is needed for riding
-Rules of the road
-Bike laws
-How to choose a route for commuting
-How to carry gear to and from work

Representatives from Sustain Dane, the Wisconsin Bike Fed, B Cycles, and We Are All Mechanics will be there to answer all of your questions!

We’ll most likely be there to support the event as well. We love Choose to Commute and Redamte!

*while supplies last