Park Tool Community Grant Applications Now Open!

Do you or someone you know run or plan on starting a cycling related non-profit? Yes?!
That’s great because Park Tool wants to help you out.

Park Tool’s Community Tool Grant will be supplying ten sets of their Professional Mechanic Tool Kits as well as some additional gear to non-profits in need.

The grant has help support 40 organizations over the past four years and they look to continue that support in 2019!

I personally have Park Tool to thank for helping send me to United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, OR to take their Professional Repair and Shop Operation course. A few years back I was chosen for the Quality Bike Part’s Women’s Mechanic Scholarship. I have done a previous blog about it here if you’d like to read about my time. They also supplied myself and all the other attendees with tools, repair stands, and shop aprons.

To this day I purchase many of my shop and repair tools from them as they’ve done so much to give back to the cycling community.

The application period runs now through December 31st, with finalists being notified in early 2020. Click HERE for the application page and best of luck!