Po Campo’s Midway Weekender: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every so often I receive a holiday gift that I absolutely love and can’t stop talking about. As of December of 2015 that gift has been the Po Campo Midway Weekender (MWW) bag.

It’s a bag I have lusted over since its existence and I was beyond thrilled when I had opened my holiday gifts and discover it was now in my possession.

The classic styling, vegan leather trim, and plethora of storage space makes it a great option for anyone in need of a versatile zippered tote.

The Midway Weekender cozying up to the fire along with a bunch of snowboard gear. 

Some of my favorite features of the Midway Weekender Include:
-Waterproof outer material
-Bright colored liner
-Lots of interior pockets
-Internal and exterior storage pockets
-Vegan leather (animal friendly!)
-Yoga mat straps
-Zippered underside shoe storage
-Reflective hits on bag and shoulder strap
-Zippered roller handle pocked for air travel

My MWW was first utilized as a snow gear bag. I used it to carry snowboard pants, extra layers, socks, gloves, balaclavas, goggles, snacks, and other essentials. It is a great gear hauler. I was able to fit more than enough gear for a day trip to the ski hill.

It then morphed into my daily bag. I toss in an extra shirt, lunch bag, make up, magazines, and use the handy zippered under compartment to bring a spare set of shoes.

The zippered compartment also comes in handy as a dirty compartment for clothes worn after a workout or dirties during a trip.

I’ve put a number of different shoes in this compartment. Cycling shoes, hiking boots, fashionable boots, tennis shoes, and several pairs of Toms. You can easily fit two pairs of shoes if you know how to utilize the space. Shown: Keen Springwater Cycling Shoes Size 7.5

The bag especially shines as a carryon for air travel. I was able to fit books, a change of clothes, extra shoes, snacks, an iPad, chargers, earbuds, and other essentials on my trip to United Bicycle Institute. The bag fits right under an airplane seat and makes it easy to grab anything out that is needed during flight.

One feature of the bag I have yet to use, but can fully appreciate is the yoga mat straps. You simply roll up your mat and slide it through the two black, elastic straps. Fitting yoga clothes, a block, a strap, toiletries, and a yoga towel would be no issue for the Midway Weekender. Po Campo even markets it as a gym bag for fitness buffs.

Maybe they should have named this bag the Namaste. Dad joke aside, any yogi could appreciate this bag. 

The only use that this bag isn’t practical for is on the bike. Po Campo is a brand synonymous with cycling, but this bag would not be a great choice for someone needing a bag for commuting. The shoulder strap, while adjustable, is going to make the bag hang too low off the back and can get caught on a saddle. Even worse is that when the bag is filled to the brim, it swings to the front and can cause some steering issues mid ride.

I know the bag is not intended for cycling use, but I decided to test it out while I was attending UBI. With two heavy duty binders, food, and other daily essentials it was a little too much bag for riding with. The reflective hits however were appreciated as the sun started setting shortly after class had ended.

Reflective hits are something I wish more companies would use on casual goods. I felt safe knowing cars could see me as I was crossing the street or if I was walking down a dark driveway. 

I ended up making the bag work as it was the only one I brought for schlepping my study materials to and from class. I got a little creative with how I wore the bag and it worked swimmingly.

Obviously the bag is an overall winner in my eyes and for $94 retail it’s a great buy with some great features. If I hadn’t received the bag as a gift I would 100% buy it for myself, a friend, or anyone in need of a cute and functional bag for the daily grind or for jet setting.

For more info on the Midway Weekender and other lovely products from Po Campo please visit their website!