On Being the “Bike Lady”

We wanted to re-blog this post by our friend Sarah Rogers. She’s a local bike mechanic and her experience of being a “Bike Lady”.

A quote of hers was recently featured in the Atlantic Cities article, ‘Is There Such a Thing as a “Feminine” Way to Ride a Bike?’
After you’re done reading this, head over to the Atlantic Cities site to get other women’s perspectives in the cycling world.

Life's Derivative

I embraced the title of “Bike Lady” as soon as the words left the 10-year-old’s mouth.  He pedaled to the community shop looking for help with his brakes.  “Hey, Bike Lady!”  Most of the kids never really bothered to learn my name, but that’s cool, ’cause I could never remembered their names, either.

Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth about all those other gendered descriptors forced upon me.  Never quite felt right about “woman,” and “girl” is a bit of a stretch for this 29-year-old.  Titles of Ms. versus Miss, and the dreaded “girlfriend”?  Don’t get me started.  (They all give me the heebie-jeebies.)  But “Bike Lady”?  That’s something I can get behind.

I am currently the only “woman” working as a mechanic in my [rather large] local shop.  And I’m one of … three? … four? professional lady techs that I know of in Madison, versus at

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