Winter Riding, Part 1: Keeping Your Hands Warm

Revolution Cycles

Alright, a bitterly cold and snowy season is upon us.  The fact that we are so busy at the shop tells us that more and more people are riding bikes this year!  There are so many great advantages to riding bikes through the winter (this should be enough inspiration for you).  Out of all of the reasons, the best thing about winter riding is that it’s so much fun!  Not to mention that Madison makes such a beautiful winter landscape.

With all the new people riding this winter, we’re going to publish some tips on how to stay safe and comfortable this season.  We will start with how to keep your hands warm.  Out of all the glove combinations I’ve tried, pogies are the best, period.  The most popular brand available are called Bar Mitts (pictured below) which we always keep in stock.  They come in many sizes and…

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