Beeline Bikes Is Like A Homejoy Or Uber For Bike Repair

An interesting take on the traditional bike shop. We had a similar idea for servicing areas that can’t sustain a local bike shop. We’re not sure if something like Beeline would really take off in the Midwest though.


While there are thousands of small, independently owned bike shops across the country and in bike-friendly cities like San Francisco, it’s still a pain to bring your bike in for a tune-up. There’s scheduling, and then there’s the hassle of not having a bike for several days.

That’s why Peter Buhl, a former longtime partner at BlueRun Ventures who served on the boards of companies like PayPal, had been thinking about a way to address this problem for the past 15 years.

He started Beeline Bikes, which is kind of like an Uber or Homejoy for bike tune-ups. They have mobile vans, outfitted with all kinds of parts (see below) and trained mechanics that can fix up many bikes over the course of a day.

The nine-person startup has three initial vans and the plan is to cater to startups and tech companies up and down the peninsula and…

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