Product Reviews

Spoke Haven HQ wanted to take a minute to chat about product reviews.

We tend to really enjoy reading blogs and websites that review products. The majority of sites, similar to ours, tend to give an honest portrayal of products and list the pro’s and con’s of each item. That being said, we tend to shy away from reading about products in media sites or in magazines. There are many companies who use sponsored articles on media sites/magazines to help get a positive portrayal of their product. We understand it’s to help get a leg up on competition, but it doesn’t really paint an accurate picture of the quality of a product.

Spoke Haven is something we started to be honest and helpful. We do it for fun and enjoyment. The products we review are ones we’ve either purchased with our own hard earned money, received as gifts, or happened to receive as industry perks.

If any companies out there have a product they want us to review, let us know and we’ll give you honest feedback. We will also actually USE the product. We have product previews on the site that we haven’t written full reviews on yet, because we want to give the product a real test of time before recommending it.

We also wanted to note that our industry partners listed over there —–>
They are companies we believe in and products we actually use. All of them are based in the USA and have been good to us, so we wanted to return the favor by featuring them.