Out of the Office- VACATION TIME!

Posts have been a little slow over here at Spoke Haven. We’re getting down to the wire with writing up a business plan for an entrepreneurs class we both took over the early summer. Our work lives are also about to explode as it’s trade show season in Cassandra’s world and students are coming back to UW soon.

Before all the chaos begins we’re going to take a little vacation. We’re both headed to wonderful California and we’ll be enjoying some time hiking, taking photos, eating great food, drinking great beer, and of course scoping out some stellar bike shops.

We’ll probably be active on our Instagram page (spokehaven is our handle) should you want to see what NorCal has to offer. In the meantime we recommend friending the Wisconsin Bike Fed on Facebook and checking out their info on the upcoming Wisconsin Bike Summit.

This year’s summit is taking place the same weekend as the annual Saris Gala. It’s going to be the best weekend of bike related goodness EVER, so stop by their page or their website to learn more about it.

Trek World is taking place this week at the Monona Terrace. It’s Trek’s largest showcase featuring all their new bikes and other products. It’s so much fun and we’re a little sad to be missing out. The show is open to the public on the last day, so if you have time, stop into the terrace on the bottom floor on Wednesday/Thursday and see what all the fuss is about. We’ve heard rumor of a Trek fat bike, so keep an eye out!

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for some announcements about upcoming events and a possible fundraising campaign for a special bike related project 🙂