Yarn Bomb on the Bike Path

Monday morning started as a day like any other. Get up, get ready for work, hop on the bike to the South West Commuter Path, and head to work. Usually this commute tends to get a little boring morning after morning. There was, however, a surprise for commuters on Monday morning.

Someone had yarn bombed the bike path! Yarn bombing has become a fairly popular activity in cities around the world. Motivated knitters and crocheters get together to create works of art on every day items. I’ve seen light poles, bike racks, park benches, bus stops, and now reflective poles on the bike path get the yarn treatment.

No one is sure of how many “toppers” were created, but if you ride the SW corridor of the bike path you’ll see the new decor. Some of the toppers were as simple as a small winter stocking cap. Others were more intricate designs such as a planet earth, an inch worm, owls, or a blue jay.

On my way to work I wasn’t able to stop an capture them all, but tried getting shots of some of my favorites on my way home. It looked like they were all still there and that no one had taken any. It would be a shame to see our new friends disappear, so if you see anyone messing with the toppers, step in and do the right thing. The project was obviously a labor of love.

Check out the photos below of our new bike path friends!