Saris Freedom- Made in the USA


A post about the Saris Freedom rack seemed appropriately timed as they currently are running a Fourth of July themed sale. As you can tell from our bio page, we have a pretty tight knit relationship with Saris Cycling Group. Yes, one of us works there and that may make us a little biased. That doesn’t mean we are obligated to do any posts about their product and we wouldn’t if we didn’t like them. Notice we aren’t posting about the Saris Sentinel rack (it leaves some things to be desired).

We’ve had the opportunity to use a few Saris products for an extended period of time. The Bones 2 trunk rack, Bones 3 trunk rack, and the Freedom 2 hitch rack. All 3 products have performed amazingly! The Bones 2 had been used for 3 years until the new black Bones 3 was released. We then said goodbye to the Bones 2 and installed the black beauty in its place.

Over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to take the Freedom 2 bike hitch rack on several trips. It’s been used around town as well as on a couple of long distance trips up to the Twin Cities and northern Wisconsin.

Some of the key features that we love:

-It’s one of the lightest weight tray style racks on the market

-It accommodates step through style and kids bikes (you can fit a very wide variety of bikes on the rack)

-You don’t have to lift the bike high off the ground

-There’s not need to tilt the rack up when not in use, the center column tilts to the side

-When the rack is installed, you still have access to your hatch/trunk

-It fits 1 1/4″ or 2″ hitches

-Easy out of the box assembly

-Cost, it’s one of the cheapest tray style racks out there


BONUS: Saris now makes a recumbent bar for super long wheelbase bikes or recumbents!

There are a few cons we also found on the rack. We want to make sure we’re giving a fair and honest write up.

Some of the things we dislike:

-No ability to add on additional bike holders (Saris has a 4 bike Freedom in the works)

-You sometimes have to lower the seat post or even remove a bottle cage to get 2 adult sized road/mtn bikes to fit properly

-The first time fitting 2 bikes on the rack takes a few minutes to get set up (You have to make sure the wheel trays are in the correct position and the center cradle needs to be lined up to attach to your bike frame)

The list of pro’s outweighs the cons by a lot, which has made this rack one of the Saris’s newest best sellers. If you’re in the market for a new bike rack, we highly recommend it. With the under $200 price point, you can’t really go wrong with a Made in the USA, Made in Wisconsin product. Saris also boasts a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defect. They also try to make all of their racks with easily replaceable parts, should you lose a knob or a strap at any point.

The Freedom is on sale at your local dealer or online at

Happy Riding & Happy 4th of July!!!