May is National Bike Month!

National Bike Month is like the cyclists’ solstice. We shed our studded tires, lined knickers, shoe covers, goggles, and other cumbersome riding gear in exchange for fun and free riding! To celebrate, the Wisconsin Bike Fed helps facilitate the Wisconsin Bike Challenge. The challenge is hosted via Endomondo and is 100% FREE to sign up for. The actual challenge is a part of a National Bike Challenge that pits states against each other for bragging rights and a way to see how your community or workplace stands up to the rest of the country.

You can sign up as an individual or you can set up a team for your workplace. It’s a fun way to get your co-workers, loved ones, and friends to be involved in a fun activity. It’s healthy to boot!

Smartphone users, you can use the Endomondo app to easily track mileage, calories, and other metrics. Bonus: When you reach a certain level of points (you get points for each mile ridden) you have a chance to win some great prizes from the challenge sponsors!


Tying into National Bike Month is also National Bike to Work Week. The Wisconsin Bike Fed has information regarding the various Bike to Work Week events around the state. Madisonians are fairly familiar with pastries and bacon on the bike path. Check out the poster below for info on the week’s events!