Earth Friendly Ideas for Cyclists

You may think ,”Isn’t cycling itself earth friendly?”. The short answer is yes, but new bike products still use resources to create. We wanted to share some fun and awesome ideas on how to re-use common household items, old bike parts, etc. for your cycling set up.

The first one comes from Singletracks. Their article: Old Hardtail to New Commuter: How to Convert Your Rig for the Daily Grind, shows how to turn that old hardtail into a new commuter rig! Really you can apply this idea to any old bike lying around. Here in Madison we have plenty of old 10-12 speeds from the 80’s being used as daily commuters.

From old and outdated...
From old and outdated…
To functional commuting machine!
To functional commuting machine!

The next project is one that we’ve seen many incarnations of. The soda bottle bike fender! Nomadic by Design shows off one of their favorites. Really you can find instructions on how to make these on Instructables or a number of D.I.Y bike sites.


If you’re anything like us, you have some pretty embarrassingly old t-shirts lying around the house. Turn that old *NSYNC swag into a recycled bike rag! Old t-shirts make some of the best bike cleaning tools because they are soft cloth and quite abundant!

The Best Bike Blog Ever (I guess we can’t claim that title!) shows an effective way to cut up your old tees for rags and a bonus cat toy 🙂 +1000 for finding two uses.

Cut the rags to size for cleaning the nooks and crannies!
Cut the rags to size for cleaning the nooks and crannies!

Bicycle tubes. They are the ultimate media for recycling. In all honesty, it’s hard to come up with something you can’t make with recycled bike tubes! There’s clothing, belts, jewelry, patch kits, back packs, seat bags, benches, artwork, and a whole heck of a lot more you can do with a box of old tubes.