Dane County Executive Joe Parisi Wants to Talk Cycling

We opened our inbox this morning and found an open invitation letter that has been sent out by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. He’s hosting a meeting to talk about the 2013 budget and how cycling infrastructure and resources fall in line.

Parisi’s office is asking anyone who plans on attending the meeting to RSVP. We’ll paste the letter below so you can have all the vital information on how to attend and what topics will be covered in the meeting.

The meeting itself is taking place at the Lussier Family Heritage Center over at Lake Farm Park, right off the Capital City Bike Path.

The meeting is during many folks work hours, but if you are free that afternoon, it may be worth showing up for!


Dear Friends,

I’m writing to invite you to the 2013 BikeDane meeting I’m hosting on
Friday, April 12, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Lussier Family Heritage
Center at Lake Farm Park.

Your important participation and recommendations at last year’s meeting and
the input you provided me during the preparation of my 2013 county budget
resulted in a number of exciting biking initiatives.  Your continued
involvement to improve our biking infrastructure will provide significant
economic, health, transportation and recreational benefits to Dane County

It’s time for us to once again meet and discuss 2013 bicycle-related budget
items and upcoming projects.  I want to hear your ideas that will move us a
step closer to achieving the long-term countywide vision for a bicycle
pedestrian trail system that connects the majority of the major population
centers to county park facilities and other regional trails.

I’d also like to hear your recommendations for improving on-road biking as
part of our Dane County Parks  effort working in partnership with our
Highway Department to identify opportunities for bike lanes on county roads
that serves both commuter and recreation needs.

Here are a few highlights from our meeting agenda:

.           Welcome by County Executive Joe Parisi
.           2013 County Bicycle Budget
.           Road Improvements to Dane County Highways
.           Partners for Recreation and Conservation (PARC) Program
Bike Initiatives
.           2013 Trail Project Status Report
.           Q & A with County Executive

If you are unable to personally attend, please feel free to send a
representative.  Please forward this invitation to anyone else that you
think may be interested in attending.  I would appreciate if you could RSVP
by April 5 to Bonnie Stronach at stronach@countyofdane.com

I look forward to seeing you on April 12th and to making all of Dane County
a better place to ride.

Joe Parisi

Dane County Executive