New Bicycling Adventure Magazine Out Now: Bunyan Velo

Depending on they type of person you are, you may see the bicycle as one of many things. A kids toy, a fitness machine, a form of transportation, a fad, or even a way of living.

For the folks who started Bunyan Velo, it’s a unique way for them to travel the world and immerse themselves in nature and also other cultures. Contributors write about everything from short overnight bike camping trips to month or year long tours through remote locations.

If you haven’t ever experienced the joy of bike camping or bike touring, we HIGHLY suggest taking a look at this new magazine. The articles and photography are phenomenal! Honestly, if you walk away from reading it and don’t get inspired to drop everything and ride to the world’s end, there’s probably something wrong with you!

Joking aside, we’re thrilled to have another group of folks taking their passion to another level and sharing it with the world. You can read the first issue FOR FREE online. Click the photo below for the link.

We have very little information about the publication at this point. From what we can tell it’s compiled by a group of folks in the Twin Cities region and will be offered online. It’s unclear if this publication will be going to print. I sure hope it does because those photos will look even better on paper. (Not very eco friendly, we know…)

Should there be any additional info out there, we’d like to hear it! bunyanvelo