Shinola Detroit Now In the Bike Business

We couldn’t help but re-post this info from Bike Rumor. Our goal isn’t to bite other blog’s info, but this is awesome news! Shinola, the Detroit based manufacturer, is looking to add handmade bicycles to their product line up. The company currently makes high quality watches, leather journals, and other leather goods.

They sought out Waterford Precision here in good ol’ Wisconsin to build the frames. The frames are made of chromoly steel and the bikes themselves will be internally geared with some nice components. (see bel0w)


Shinola lists $2,500 as the price of a full build for a men’s or a women’s specific bike. A little on the steep side, but you’re getting a USA made frame with nice components, and internal gears. If you’re looking to leave your car behind, these bikes would be a solid option to look into. Not to mention you’d be supporting the US workforce.

As far as dealer availability, they won’t be springing into every shop on the block. Shinola is working with select dealers for stocking the bikes and their soon be released, leather accessories. At this time we don’t know who in Wisconsin will be stocking them, but I’m sure if you kept an eye on their website, you’d be able to figure it out!