Favorite Things: Burley Flatbed Trailer

The Burley flatbed trailer is a highly popular option for folks looking to tote around gear. With it’s ability to stowaway while not in use and the 100 pound max load capacity, it’s a great alternative for using the car for trips around town.

This trailer really shines in its ability to haul gear a boat load of gear. In the above photo I used it for putting up Saris Gala signs on the bike path. I was able to strap down the stack of 20 or so wooden staked, heavy duty signs with no issues. The trailer has hauled CSA veggies, groceries, sound gear, goods from Target, and all sorts of things in between. Honestly I don’t know why I went so long without it!

When I initially received the flatbed, one of the wheel axles skewers was damaged in shipping. Luckily my place of work had some extra front wheel skewers that I could use to substitute for the axle, but I still contacted Burley/QBP (the distributor I ordered it from) and they got a replacement sent out ASAP.

One of my favorite aspects of the Burley flatbed is that it’s easy to transfer from bike to bike. You simply remove your rear wheel skewer, place the attachment up to the non drive side of your bike, re-install the skewer and position it so you can place the arm of the trailer into the attachment. From there it’s one simple clevis pin style attachment and you’re ready to roll. Extra attachments can be purchased through a local shop or through the Burley website.

In various places around the web there are reviews about this trailer for bike touring use. I could see using the trailer for shorter trips, but cross country would probably not be the most ideal. Adding two additional tires to carry along as well as tubes and not to mention the stability when riding over not so wonderful road surfaces, doesn’t make for the best option when traveling long distance.

I would still highly recommend the trailer regardless of its touring abilities since most people wouldn’t need it for that application anyway.

In the future we’re hoping to do some reviews of other brands and styles of trailers. Stay tuned for more!