Keep It Local: Cognition Caps


Cycling caps have become more than an on the bike necessity. They’ve become a fashion statement and a way to identify other cycling enthusiasts. A good quality cap that is well fitting can be hard to come by, but Cognition seems to have figured out the formula. They hand make each cap and even offer two different sizes to accommodate even the largest of noggins.

Styles range from traditional single color caps all the way to flannels, wool, and crazy color/pattern combinations. They will sometimes even use reclaimed material to come up with limited runs.

Kelly and Lyle (the owner’s of Cognition) have come through for us on a few occasions. They’ve created caps that went along with our ACT 8 team’s orange, black, and white color scheme. The pair have also donated one of a kind hats for several fundraising events around Madison as well as many alley cats and bike races around the United States.

We’re proud to have them in our backyard and happy to see a slick new updated web store, showcasing their most up to date offerings. Visit for some handmade in the USA cycling cap goodness!